Founded in 2020 by devs who Image of a heart in place of the word love. credit unions

We are a hyper-focused and talented team with breadth and depths of expertise in bringing first of its kind, trailblazing solutions to credit unions of all shapes and sizes.

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About us

Libum's mission is to bring modern, transformative and elegant solutions to the credit union space in order to help them better service their members. As an official partner of the Jack Henry™ Vendor Integration Program (VIP), we are proud to bring to market our leading-edge products that augment the standard experience amongst the credit union community on the Symitar core. Our extensive knowledge in all facets of the credit union world uniquely positions us to empathize with the day-to-day struggles and needs of our clients to deliver a perfectly-fitting, yet unparalleled experience.

Our story

Libum was created to bridge the gap between affordability and technology for credit unions on the Symitar core. We want your team to have software built using some of the latest technology designed specifically for the credit union space. We figured out the easiest way to deliver on this mission was to build a centralized platform (that we are calling Glaci) that not only integrated tightly with Symitar but could also bring credit union specific solutions to your team.
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How it started

It began towards the end of 2016 when founders Don Nguyen and Dylan Martinez were selected to be the first internal developers of a $1B+ credit union in Houston, TX. With immense creative freedom and autonomy over the core conversion efforts to Symitar, Don and Dylan pushed the limits of integration and began to develop countless features to augment the employee experience when servicing members. They began to refer to new requests as a "piece of cake" and the name "Libum" was born.

How it's going

Fast forward to now, in 2023, Libum has grown to a team of around 10 active contributors which include experienced engineers and technical leaders from big tech and national security. We're building products like Glaci to strengthen employee-to-member experience through a safe & reliable platform that introduces beautiful user interfaces and evolving features to your employees without the typical learning curve of a new system. And, NexumAPI, to give credit unions with developers the ability to quickly build internal apps with direct integration to the Symitar core.

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Our founders

Don Nguyen

Co-Founder & Security/Software Engineer
Don has experience building secure systems in the tech industry at places like Block, Roku, and Sandia Labs. His life in the credit union world began as a teller and operations where he eventually moved up the ladder to become a Software Developer, pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered possible. He has a BS and MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and Houston.

Dylan Martinez

Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Dylan has over ten years of credit union experience designing and developing innovative solutions that have consistently created new norms. He is currently working on secure cloud at Microsoft and previously worked on flight software at Northrop Grumman. Before that, he studied Physics in Houston, TX and has a Masters in Space Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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