Dylan Martinez
June 16, 2023

We do now! As a matter of fact, this has been one of our intentions since the website revamp from early this year - our goal is to create a sense of transparency between the Libum team and every credit union that might be interested in what it is we do. With our blogs we'll aim to cover a variety of different topics in several different categories like Engineering and Design, Products and Features, and even Explain it Like I'm 5.

To kick things off, how about a quick back story for how we came up with the name Libum. As much as we enjoy hearing stories of credit unions sharing their experience when they first attempt to Google search our company, it's NOT because we're secretly a Roman Cheesecake company. It's actually because when Don (the other Co-Founder) and I were early on in our software development career at a credit union in Southeast Houston and were asked whether or not a custom solution was possible, we almost always replied with "oh yeah for sure, that's a piece of cake".

Fast forward to the moment we're on a Google Meet tossing around different company name ideas and after about the 15th English word we tried translating to Latin, "cake" ahem, I mean Libum, made the cut.

Note: Glaci's original name was actually going to be Vico for "icing on the cake" but why that couldn't happen is a story for another time.

At Libum, we're working tirelessly to design and develop groundbreaking products which will dramatically augment the traditional UX of credit union employees of every department. Innovation of course takes time, but we truly believe that with a team like ours, we'll be able to deliver on this vision and set new standards for the industry.

Glaci will fundamentally rock people's socks off when it's complete and we are closer than ever to having it available for our early adopters. And, NexumAPI (which will be available at this year's CU Build - quick plug, if you haven't signed up yet) is already saving so many hours of internal development hours for our team, we just had to share.

I imagine the next few blogs will begin to dive into our feature set so you all can get a taste of what's coming from the Libum team so, stay tuned!

The Author
Dylan Martinez
Co-Founder & Software Engineer